TOURETTES by Chanel2

Hanging in the playground
Talking to my friends
Thinking we were all the same
With familiar trends

Telling different stories
Of our Mothers plight
How they handled stressful times
Or when they’re in a fight

One girl starts to tell her tale
With big round ogle eyes
Her Mum once
Yelled out “BLOODY”
In an angry screechy cry

Another told her Mothers tale
One night while in a fit
Threw her arms up in the air
Screaming the word

A third girls Mum is more creative
In her verbal land
Yelling certain cursing words
About the holy man

As the tales got round to me
I broke in to a sweat
These girls
Can’t come back to my house cause…..
I think,
My Mum has got Tourette’s!

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