You are not only responsible for what you say,

but also for what you do not say

by Lucan Industries Unlimited


I tattooed your name on my arse

Royal blue, a touch of class.

I wore your heart upon my breast

Rosie red with black is best.

I needled you into my arm

Jewelled face for a touch of charm.

I tattooed you on me some more

he needle zinged, I was more than sore.

I felt so proud you were under my skin

Showed the world the love we’re in.

I saw you walking out with Tania

Holding hands and arms around ‘er.

I followed you, a dark harbinger

Saw you slide my ring on her finger.

I took a knife, shiny and clean

Sharpening it til the blade was keen.

Peeled my shoulder skin right back

Took away the red and black.

Stood and sliced away your name

Eradicating a sense of shame.

Then I carved away my tit

There is no longer any of it.

They found me in a bloody mess

Standing in a pile of flesh.

Where once your love I had proclaimed

Scarred forever, hatred flamed.

It mattered none at all to you

The lengths that your fans will go to.


Put your head in its place by NoFrillsArt


Lego Love by RubyRed


virtually american gothic
by shawhouse


too legit to knit by the tatecreative


Mr Suicide by Monstar


K.F.C Chicken by KillerNapkins


Evil Pussy by Juliee Pryor


the raven comments on
the coming apocalypse
by Danny


technical ecstacy by oneillstudios


Romance by Chanel2

I love my husband dearly
He truly is my heart
But when it comes to romance
He falls down at the start

His best flirtatious efforts
Has him dancing all about
Mick Jagger form of strutting
With his thingies hanging out

Often when the time has come
To end a busy day
Kids are tucked up in their beds
The washings put away

To change in my pyjamas
Is a chore to say the least
Then from my corner eye
Will come, this crazy dancing beast!

A candle by the bathtub
Soft music, glass of wine
A flower that’s been handpicked
Could have me feeling fine

It’s surely not much effort
And he really needs to know
Will get him more attention
Than his dancing willy show


stealth there is a difference between childs play and playing childishly
by NoFrillsArt


Flower Burst by KillerNapkins


breasticles by vaginahead


TOURETTES by Chanel2

Hanging in the playground
Talking to my friends
Thinking we were all the same
With familiar trends

Telling different stories
Of our Mothers plight
How they handled stressful times
Or when they’re in a fight

One girl starts to tell her tale
With big round ogle eyes
Her Mum once
Yelled out “BLOODY”
In an angry screechy cry

Another told her Mothers tale
One night while in a fit
Threw her arms up in the air
Screaming the word

A third girls Mum is more creative
In her verbal land
Yelling certain cursing words
About the holy man

As the tales got round to me
I broke in to a sweat
These girls
Can’t come back to my house cause…..
I think,
My Mum has got Tourette’s!


Robo-Chimp by Atomikboy


The Night Before Christmas by Danny

Duane and Sharon were preparing to go home, it had been a fun Schoolies week.

It was great to be away by themselves and get up to a bit of harmless mischief.

Fart the third planet in the Troll solar system had always been a favourite get-a-way spot. It never got boring taking the run-a-round down to the surface and buzz some lonesome vehicle or campers in the desert, wilderness or any isolated place for that matter and then betting how long it took to make it onto a news broadcast.

Duane’s personal favourite was doing “wheelies” in the wheat and barley fields whereas Sharon loved chipping off large pieces off the ice-flows to see how far they had travelled next time she visited. All round Fart was a great holiday destination, the people were backward but they had great imaginations.

Sharon prepared the ship for take off; she manoeuvred the vessel over the Northern Pole to hide the tiny but traceable accelerator blast. Duane sat down next to her.

“OK everything’s secured let’s go” He said

“Roger that. Initiating preliminary vacuum thrust….now, hang on what’s that?”

Shannon turned to Duane as the vacuum engine started then died interrupted momentarily by a very loud clunking sound .

“Sounds like something got sucked in to the drive, probably one of those old satellites not on the chart ” explained Sharon.

“Let’s have a look-see” replied Duane.

They both unbuckled and went to the back of the ship. Duane opened up the inspection panel that revealed the drive.

“Awww gross” he said in disgust

“Give me a look” Sharon said pushing him out of the way.

Oh yuck” she said. The vacuum drive was clogged with fur, antlers and twisted metal, tracers of toys and red cloth were everywhere. Intermingled within all this mess were traces of meat and blood.

“Oh Shit , you know what this means don’t you? Sharron said looking back towards Duane.

“Yep” he replied “ Dad is going to be so pissed, I’m going to have to use his SAAA card and get a tow. That’s going to cost a bit”

“Oh well you make the call I’m going to carve my initials in that lump of ice the locals call Greenland”


True Love by Gregory06


American Sausage by Cathie T


sydney social scene by Simon Lovelace


Picasso Comix No.2
by Danny


michael moores epiphany
by Atomikboy


Sith Army Knife by Monstar


The Bath by Anne Van Alkemade

Lea tucked her little girl into bed, gave her a soft kiss on the lips and turned out the light as she closed the bedroom door.

Usually very much the water baby, Sarah had not stayed in her bath very long and Lea loathed to pull the plug to release the steaming water.

“Perhaps I could make use of that,” she mused.

Lea waited a few minutes. Hearing gentle snores from behind the closed door, she relented, undressed and lowered herself into the bath. The water lapped at the rim, threatening to spill over, taking multitudes of plastic farm animals with the flow.

She didn’t care. Instead she lay back and closed her eyes. The water cooled. Lea pondered hopping out, watching the toys bobbing in the water, a tan horse, a black cow and a brown … what was that long brown thing?


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