I tattooed your name on my arse

Royal blue, a touch of class.

I wore your heart upon my breast

Rosie red with black is best.

I needled you into my arm

Jewelled face for a touch of charm.

I tattooed you on me some more

he needle zinged, I was more than sore.

I felt so proud you were under my skin

Showed the world the love we’re in.

I saw you walking out with Tania

Holding hands and arms around ‘er.

I followed you, a dark harbinger

Saw you slide my ring on her finger.

I took a knife, shiny and clean

Sharpening it til the blade was keen.

Peeled my shoulder skin right back

Took away the red and black.

Stood and sliced away your name

Eradicating a sense of shame.

Then I carved away my tit

There is no longer any of it.

They found me in a bloody mess

Standing in a pile of flesh.

Where once your love I had proclaimed

Scarred forever, hatred flamed.

It mattered none at all to you

The lengths that your fans will go to.

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