The Bath by Anne Van Alkemade

Lea tucked her little girl into bed, gave her a soft kiss on the lips and turned out the light as she closed the bedroom door.

Usually very much the water baby, Sarah had not stayed in her bath very long and Lea loathed to pull the plug to release the steaming water.

“Perhaps I could make use of that,” she mused.

Lea waited a few minutes. Hearing gentle snores from behind the closed door, she relented, undressed and lowered herself into the bath. The water lapped at the rim, threatening to spill over, taking multitudes of plastic farm animals with the flow.

She didn’t care. Instead she lay back and closed her eyes. The water cooled. Lea pondered hopping out, watching the toys bobbing in the water, a tan horse, a black cow and a brown … what was that long brown thing?

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